Rev. John D. Couch and his wife Glenna R. Couch founded the International Bible Church in Mountain City, TN on May 27th, 1976. Rev. Couch is the Founder and President of the organization. He has been in full time ministry for 42 years now.

Rev. Couch has traveled around the world, preaching the Word of God with power and truth. He has ministered in 33 countries and 47 states. His love of the Word and his love for people that are hurting keeps him teaching and minstering the Word of God.


Rev. Couch was born in Amonate, VA on April 13, 1944. Many times, he will say, he failed Public Speaking class 3 years in a row. Even with this, he has preached to crowds in excess of 100,000 people. He has ministered to Presidents of countries and to leaders of 3rd world countries. He is called Pastor by some, Apostle by others, and even teacher, Mentor, and Prophet. Even more still just call him friend.

We hope you will have the honor of getting to know this Man of God as we have. Rev. Couch will say "I do not preach messages, I change lives through the Word of God." Many have been saved, healed, delivered, and set free through this ministry. We are here for you. Contact us and let us know your needs.

Rev. Couch has been called one of America's greatest preachers by many.



Glenna and I left our jobs on July 25, 1970 to go full time in the ministry.  It was a scary time for us.  Just the two of us and God.  Times were hard and God was faithful.  Our first meeting was in Carbon Hill, Al. with the Full Gospel Church of God.  It was the only meeting we had and we did not know where we would go from there.  God blessed us and for 9 months we never had a day off.
We started with only faith in God.  We still move in the same direction.  We just wait on God to open doors and meet needs.  He is still God.  This ministry was and still is, based on the word, works and miracles of God.  We have traveled by faith and God has always blessed us to make it from one meeting to another.  Walking by Faith in God has made us strong and in him and in ourselves.  We never speak negative about any problem or any person.  Our faith is not in our abilities or our knowledge, but in God.
We believe in the total work of God.  God still works in His word, healings, miracles, and his ability to bless his people even in the time of trouble.  We believe in the gifts and in the 5 fold ministry.  We often say, “IT IS NOT WHAT YOU PAY FOR, IT IS WHAT YOU PRAY FOR.” God is still in the business of supplying the desires for our heart, not just our needs.

   Dr. John D. Couch

 Glenna and I we married in Richlands, Va on May the 19, 1964.  It was a small service with just a few family members.  We had no money for a honeymoon and we used the flowers from my brother-in-laws grave.  Janice Witt, my sister, had just lost her husband.  She worked with the flowers and made our wedding wonderful.  We drove back to Petersburg, Va and I went to work the next day.  Glenna has always been with me in the low times and in the high time of the years we have been married.  I call her the strength of the ministry.  She is a praying woman and she knows the flow of the spirit and is a very gifted person.  Whatever needs to be done, no matter what the job, she has been there to do it.  It takes a strong woman to be married to a preacher.  She has lead the singing, preached, and stood in the gap many times.  She has overcome sickness that would have killed other people and many times when she should have stayed home, she would take all day just to get ready to go to church.  That is the reason God has honored her.  I have seen her so weak that she would crawl up steps and still be in church that night.  I have no compassion for  people that are weak. Glenna is not only my wife, but the financial officer of I.B.C.  She could teach many of the wives of preachers how to stand behind the ministry without taking over the ministry. We have lost a home and were what people call homeless for 7 years.  When God made the way for us to have a home, people were jealous of it.  Glenna never said a negative word when we had nothing.   There should be a scripture that says, “If you will be faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many.”  Most people will never be a ruler because they complain when they have a few things. 
Glenna has handled the finances since we started I.B.C.  She has always been the CFO of I.B.C. and the backbone of the work.  Her strength has been my strength.  If you have a wife, you have a good thing.  Treat her with respect.  She can and will lighten your load naturally and spiritually.  

Glenna R Couch, CFO and loving wife



God gave Glenna and I one of our greatest gifts in the form of our son, Christopher.  He is not a birth son but a gift of God for our lives.  He has helped me to slow down and enjoy the trip, not just the destination.  He has given us much joy and some pain.  He has gone thru battles that has make him strong. The truth is I loved him more in the pain that I did in the joy.  The pain brought us together and taught us how much we loved each other.  If you can’t love your children in pain, it is impossible to love them in the joy.